Emerald Plus Cover

  • $25.00

Unique and futuristic covered dish designed for baking & serving a variety of foods piping-hot. Curved base with cut-outs for easy handling.

With a thick base and cover for maximum heat retention, the Emerald is truly a "gem" in the kitchen. Warm up the dish in the oven, and ladle soup into it instead of a cold bowl, to bring it to the table at the optimal temperature. Bake mac & cheese, potatoes, or chicken right in the dish - and serve straight from the oven for maximum aroma & flavor.

Also excellent for hot desserts - individual apple pies, lava cakes (with the chocolate inside actually still molten!), and cobblers & kuchens. (For a healthier treat, try baked apples with honey & berries.)

Of course, you can use it for cold dishes as well - non-leafy salads, and sauced appetizers look amazing in the Emerald too - with the cover or without!

  • Soups
  • Mac & cheese, baked potato, shepherd's pie, etc
  • Warm desserts (lava cake, kuchen, cobbler)
  • Appetizers with sauce
  • Non-leafy salads (potato, quinoa, etc)

All Carmona dinnerware is made from New Bone China, and is oven-safe, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe.