Halo Whiskey Tasting Glasses - 7.8 oz - Set of 2

  • $16.95

The aroma is an integral part of enjoying whiskey and cognac. The "Halo" tasting glasses are designed with a wide bowl to allow the bouquet to develop, and a narrower upper part to keep the aroma concentrated, so the first sip is just as enjoyable as the last. Whether your preference runs to a smoky Speyside whiskey like Johnnie Walker, Glenlivet, or Glenfiddich, or a more fruity Highlands malt (Ben Nevis, Glenturret), or even the adventurous Lagavulin with its intense aroma - the experience is enhanced and every drop appreciated.

  • Capacity, oz: 7.8
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes
  • Shatter-resistant: yes
  • Material: Crystal, 100% Lead-Free
  • Items: Set of 2
  • Packaging: printed gift box