Lancia Hand Blown Crystal Red Wine Decanter - 54 oz

  • $29.95

Every aspect of the "Lancia" wine decanter was designed with the wine enthusiast in mind - easy filling thanks to a wide mouth and a carefully curved neck to reduce turbulence & froth, a large diameter bowl that lets the wine breathe freely, and a comfortable grip to make every pour a pleasure. Made from shatter-resistant glass, it's dishwasher-safe and holds up to 750ml - a full standard bottle. (Note: experts recommend washing wine decanters by hand, not in dishwasher, to avoid any possibility of taste/scent contamination.)

  • Decanter Capacity, oz: 54.1
  • Decanter Capacity, ml: 1600
  • Dishwasher-safe: yes
  • Shatter-resistant: yes
  • Material: Crystal, 100% Lead-Free
  • Items: 1.
  • Packaging: printed gift box