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Carmona NY was inspired by the founder's 18 years of experience as a caterer and event planner, working with such high profile customers such as…. We know firsthand what a critical role plates play in the customer experience. They are the calling card of the restaurant. They inspire confidence, entice visual senses and help create that special atmosphere that caterers and restaurants strive for. We know how important it is for plates to have an intriguing and beautiful design to emphasize chefs' culinary creation, yet to be light and durable to go through every day abuse of a busy kitchen while shapely to fit in a commercial dishwasher. We also know the frustration of when after multiple trials and errors a chef would achieve the desired presentation of his dish, to learn that the plate design is no longer available when looking to replace a broken dish. That is how Carmona NY came to be. By building on our experience, we take special pride in creating products that are elegant and original, produced only from the highest quality china, 65 percent lighter than regular plates and most importantly, as Carmona NY owns the original molds, our customers will never face with an 'out of stock' scenario. We thank you for your interest in our dishes. Please browse around a view the wide portfolio or visit the e-commerce page to buy online. We guarantee our shipping and customer service!
Visit us in our New Store at: 4319 14th Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11219 - 718 Carmona (227.6662)

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