Battello 10"

Battello 10"

  • $20.00

The "Battello" ("Boat" in Italian) line of Carmona dishes is a modern and expressive design. It features an oblong bowl that flattens out to a decorative handle, making it easy to take from the oven to the table. A decorative raised edge adds a touch of excitement, and the wide lip makes plating & presentation more chic.

The 10" version of the "Battello" is a great plate for individual appetizers and leafy salads, family-style serving of dense starches like quinoa, rice, and pasta - or baking anything from pies to kugels to mac & cheese.

  • Pasta w/cream sauce
  • Leafy Salads
  • Spaghetti & Meatballs
  • Bake a whole pie (equivalent to 7" round pan)
  • Family-style (center of table) serving of salads

All Carmona dinnerware is made from New Bone China, and is oven-safe, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe.