Lyon 8"

  • $20.00

This covered bowl offers an elegant shape with comfortable rounded edges, inspired by the geometric explorations of Art Deco designers. It's poised between modern and classic, and fits with a huge variety of dinnerware and table setting styles, from minimal-futuristic to country-traditional.

The perfect solution for baked-in-dish lazagna portions, potatoes (gratin, scalloped, creamed), hearty stews and soups, and so much more! With a generous 18.5-ounce capacity, it holds 2 servings of soup. Can also be used as a gravy/sauce dish for family-style service - the thick wall construction and cover help to keep the contents warm for a while.

  • Baked Entree
  • Baked Side Dishes
  • Gravy / Sauce
  • Family-Style Soup
  • Family-Style Gravy/Sauce

All Carmona dinnerware is made from New Bone China, and is oven-safe, microwave-safe, dishwasher-safe, and freezer-safe.